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Coal fired thermal oil furnace
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The combustion chamber and heat exchanger together as one of the hot blast stove, using multi-layer telescopic structure of the steel plate, the lower part of the reactor core to the combustion chamber, the upper and around the ring heat exchanger, air and flue gas are double the return, the ways of heat exchanger. In order to improve the thermal efficiency, using multi spiral plate heat transfer and turbulent theory, thin laminar thickness, air and flue gas moving in a constantly changing direction, greatly enhance the heat transfer effect.

The main work process is: coal-fired high-temperature flue gas in the furnace,enters a smoke ring under the action of the fan, and the outside air heat exchange, through the flue chimneys, air blown by the blower hot air furnaceshell, into the furnace the outside air ring through the roof, from the hot air outletpipeline to supply the equipment need to clean hot air.

2, the main equipment

The hot stove grate, refractory brick, reflecting plate, hot blast stove body, a flue and air inlet pipe, dust collector, chimney and its bracket, a draught fan (with adjustable valve), blower (with adjustable valve) and special measuringinstruments.

3, performance characteristics

A, with coal as fuel.

B, with clean hot air as drying medium, no pollution.

C, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency.

D, automatic temperature measurement and display. Heat conducting oil boilerfurnace coal-fired furnace

E, simple operation, convenient use, equipment are made in China, its performance indicators have reached the domestic advanced level.

If the II, III coal as fuel, the sulfur content in coal should be less than 1%, shall not be mixed with wood, stone, metal and other debris, chunks of coal to smash.


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