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Double drum coal-fired steam layout


SZL double drum coal fired chain automatic technology parameters




According to the pictures in a new window

SZL double drum coal fired chain automatic

The series of boiler absorbs the domestic and foreign existing bulk, assembling all kinds of advantages of boiler is developed, the product is divided into two big parts assembling, the upper piece by the furnace body, furnace wall, and a heat insulating layer; the lower parts by the chain grate and hopper.

L double cylinder vertically arranged on the group structure, saving boiler room area, reduce the installation cost and infrastructure investment.

L adopts closed air chamber structure, air distribution is more uniform, easy adjustment, strong adaptability for coal.

High efficiency of dust removal in the furnace of L, the built-in cleaning, the original low dust emission concentration.

L model furnace brick and insulating material. The furnace body heat loss is small, effectively improve the thermal efficiency;

L auxiliary blower, induced draft fan, circulating water pump, filter and so on, reliable performance, ensuring the safe operation of the boiler;

Control function, l complete security, more security;

L good environmental protection performance, boiler emissions concentration is low, low emissivity, can achieve the environmental state for a class of area requirements;

L's appearance design, beautiful appearance.


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