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DZL single cylinder coal-fired steam boiler
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DZL single cylinder steam automatic



Single cylinder steam automatic


DZL coal-fired steam boiler technology parameters



Single cylinder steam automatic

Model DZL series boiler for single cylinder vertically type water fire tube shell boiler, combustion equipment for chain grate stoker. Boiler water circulation for natural circulation with ejector. The left and right sides of the water wall as the radiation heating surface, the two wings of the convection heating surface, the drum arranged within the thread smoke tube convection heating surface, arch with heat-resistant concrete new technology of integral pouring, boiler host outside is stereo shape plate shell.

The boiler adopts the latest research results, such as: arched tube plate, screw thread smoke tube, hot water boiler backwater ejection technology, solving the crack pipe plate shell type boilers, at the lower part of the drum drum kits, water wall tube, the thermal efficiency is low, low output, poor adaptability of coal.

2, the combustion process

Fuel from coal scuttle fell in front of the stove grate, freight, coal preheated carbonization, ignition, combustion, the slag into the slag bucket, by removing machine always passes out of the furnace, flue gas to form vortex with air in the front, rear arch between the throat can be fully mixed, and heated front arch, improve the ignition condition, the arch upper outlet smokestacks into two wings of convection bank, through the front smoke box into the thread smoke tube, after dedusting economizer, device, composed of a draught fan into the chimney.

3, technical characteristics

(1) the arched tube plate and screw thread smoke tube boiler drum, the drum by a quasi rigid body into a quasi elastic body structure, cancel the bracing piece of tube plate area, reduce stress. The smoke pipe is composed of two return to return, and solves the problem of tube plate crack.

(2) at the lower part of the drum as the layout of the rise of tube row, eliminating the bottom of the boiler barrel backwater, the sludge is not easy to deposit, high temperature area of drum is a good cooling, to prevent the boiler shell bulging.

(3) using efficient heat thread smoke tube, the heat transfer enhancement, the boiler temperature, pressure quickly, improving the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

(4) has the advantages of compact structure, compared with the same type of boiler, small size, saving boiler room construction investment.

(5) stable running, convenient adjustment, strong output. A 110% overload capacity.

(6) hot water boiler has been significant improvement in water circulation. The success of the jet, the jet of water will return into the drop tube, improve the riser circulating flow purposes.

(7) using the thread smoke tube heat transfer enhancement, enhancing the heat transfer coefficient and thermal efficiency, because the gas disturbance effect in the tube, the smoke pipe is not easy to accumulate dust, to self cleaning function.

(8) the furnace adopts high efficiency energy saving furnace heat-resistant concrete pouring of the arch, improve the coal ignition conditions, adopt the independent air chambers, to achieve a reasonable layout of the wind, so that a favorable aerodynamic field in furnace combustion is formed, thus expanding the coals.

(9) boiler furnace arch, export has a certain window part dedusting. The original dust concentration of the boiler control is below the standard, ensure the boiler soot emissions to meet environmental regulations state index.

The intelligent control cabinet is according to the regulations for the operation and control of steam boiler combustion system design requirements, and according to the characteristics of coal-fired boiler, with semi automatic control and fault protection function of coal-fired hot water boiler. The main control object for the blower, induced draft fan, water pump, coal loader, grate, slag machine. The system uses PLM as the data processing and control core, to the professional instrument for the operation and display, multiple protection functions, safety interlock is simple, convenient and reliable, more secure and make the system run time.

The control system is embedded Feng LAN, careful design of industrial control software and control the peripheral process structure. The system not only realizes the boiler's manual / automatic control, condition monitoring, real-time trend general monitoring requirements, also increased the maple Lan company in recent years the boiler accident analysis and research results, the fault detection, fault alarm, rich fault processing and other functions, the maximum guarantee the safe and reliable operation of boiler.

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