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Provisional Regulations of boiler
TYPE:Industry VISITS: DATA:2014-06-28 19:06

Chapter I General Provisions

First, boiler, pressure vessel is a danger of explosion pressure equipment widely used in production and life. In order to ensure the safe operation of the boiler, pressure vessel, safeguard the people's lives and property safety, the regulations are formulated.

The second article of this Ordinance applies to all pressure boiler and pressure for a gauge pressure above the pressure vessel. The design, equipment manufacturing, installation, use, inspection, repair, alteration of the unit, must be the implementation of the regulations.

This Ordinance shall not apply to vessels of boiler and pressure vessel, locomotive.

Boiler and pressure vessel safety watchdog third labor departments at all levels, implement supervision and inspection of the boiler, pressure vessel.

The labor department leadership Inspection Institute of boiler and pressure vessel, is specialized in the business unit boiler, pressure vessel inspection work.

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